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Bybel Stories

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We believe God is in the business of writing beautiful, intricate and creative stories.  He is currently writing ours - a story woven with a unconditional love, purposeful pursuit and deep longing for children we have yet to meet.  This is our journey to build our family through the foster care system.



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JAN' 18




Conviction is a funny thing.  

I found over the last few years that it comes in a variety of forms.  Sometimes it bubbles under the surface, sometimes you can push it away, sometimes it pierces your heart and you can't ignore it anymore.  But the reality is, if it is from the Lord, you cannot outrun it forever.  It will catch you.

So here begins our story.  Years of running and then the dead halt slam into U-Turn sign.  Sobbing uncontrollably in the aisle at church.  Knowing.  Hearing your husband say "Okay, I get it now." 

It has been a crazy couple of months.


JAN' 18




Last Friday, we sent an e-mail we had been trying to avoid.  Monday morning we got a response and that afternoon we were on a phone call.  From there everything moved at lightning speed.  Confusion replaced by clarity, questions marks overtaken by direction.  The "what's happening next?" turned into "happening now!" in about 24 hours. 

The last few remaining pieces of the paperwork and training have been scheduled and completed.  Pete picked up our fire extinguisher today and we are scheduling inspections.  We are officially into the last phase of licensure: home study.  A place we did not think we'd be for another 1-2 months.


February 2018


FEB' 18




11 days!

The last month has been absolute chaos.  Grad school, house prep, work, bathroom demo, illness after illness after sickness, a long-planned international trip in just a couple of weeks, leading a financial stewardship class, bible study, community group, CPR class, training, more paperwork, etc. etc. etc.

I guess we're gluttons for busyness. :)




MAR' 18



I've said it one hundred times already, but it is always worth saying again: WE HAVE THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE UNITED STATES!

Between two grad school classes, work, prepping the house, trying to raise funds and getting ready for an international trip - we were completely and totally exhausted.  Like...completely.

All we needed was a quick shout out to our friends and we had 10+ people at our house the entire day assisting us!  It was INCREDIBLE!