Once upon a time...

Redemption is a common thread throughout our stories.  God so clearly at work in our short lives here on earth.  He writes beautiful stories, brings light into darkness and alters the course of one's life.  Over and over again.  

I (Devin) was adopted at 72 hours old.  An endlessly brave birthmom and a longing couple brought together to love and care for me.  They have walked in tandem over the last 28 years to allow me to know who I am and shape who I am.  I have seen them model selflessness, compassion, grace and love for each other and for me.  God's hand in the midst of brokenness that brings forth life.

Anxiety, depression, suicide attempts, an assault - culminated into countless prescriptions, appointments, coping and denial.  Trauma is the master of chaos.  Ruled for years by his vices, Peter sought to forget and to numb.  Yet never forgotten and endlessly loved, redemption came in December 2010.  The beginning of a new life with the fullness of joy.

Our stories are woven together and bring us here.  Hearts hurting and broken for the least of these, the forgotten, the broken, the kids who are living out pieces of our own stories.  So we jump headfirst into the hard and scary and pray that God shows His great love for His people through us, to whatever little family He entrusts to us.