Home Study

11 days!

The last month has been absolute chaos.  Grad school, house prep, work, bathroom demo, illness after illness after sickness, a long-planned international trip in just a couple of weeks, leading a financial stewardship class, bible study, community group, CPR class, training, more paperwork, etc. etc. etc.

I guess we're gluttons for busyness. :)

Aside from hitting the state's minimum standards for our house, our agency also has standards.  That also doesn't include the separate fire and health inspections.  We've gone through checklist after checklist and made our own to make sure we're ready.  

Home Study List Pic.JPG

The bathroom is a whole separate beast that will just have to be dealt with when we're back from Israel.  Once it's done, we can have our health inspection and then everything will be sent off to the state for licensure!

We're grateful to have a group of family and friends coming to host a garage sale and "workday" this Saturday!  Hopefully we'll be much more ready then.  :)

Go go go!
Devin & Pete

Interested in helping?  We still have some material needs for the home study!  The are marked as "Highest" and "High" on our Amazon Wish List. :)